378, 000 sqm

Total GLA

R4.6 billion

Current Value of Assets

Retail Portfolio

  • Enyuka Property Fund (157,594m2, R1.66 Billion)
  • Hatfield Plaza¹ (33,064m2, R440 Million)

Offshore Portfolio

  • Residential units (Germany)² (12,130m2, €13.4 Million)

Residential Portfolio

  • Central Park³ Phase 1 and Phase 2 complete; (All phases: 624 Units, R276 Million, 28 300m2)

Office Portfolio

  • Inani Prop Holdings (151,000m2, R2 Billion)

¹ Total centre size is 33,064m2 , of which OEH2 has a 55% undivided share, 17,610m2.

² Offshore net annual income has been converted into rands using an exchange rate of R18,50 to the Euro.

³ Phase 3 not included in summary numbers above.


  • Long term property investment holding company
  • Invested over the past 3 years in unlisted property assets
  • Ferreira Group is a family office established 40 years ago, comprising what became Rhodes Food Group which is today listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange
  • Founded by the Trinitas Private Equity executives and the Ferreira Group
  • Significant recent investment by Mpande Property Fund, a 100% Black owned diversified property fund



  • Established 2011
  • Team has been together since 2007
  • Combined team experience of 150 years
  • Retail focus, secondary residential and office
  • History of value creation
  • Current property portfolio assets in excess of 377 641 sqm
  • Expansion strategy

Enyuka Property Fund

About Us

  • Emira Property Fund and ONE Property Holdings joined forces to grow retail assets and create a larger low-LSM retail portfolio, launched as Enyuka Property Fund. Enyuka is the Zulu word for ascend.
  • Enyuka started out with Emira’s R575 million portfolio of retail properties, a R50 million cash contribution from ONE and a gearing cap of 50%, which created a war chest for immediate acquisitions and developments of up to R625 million.
  • As at March 2018, the total value of the Enyuka portfolio is R1,1 billion
  • Emira holds a 49.9% share of the ordinary equity in the business and ONE 50.1% share.
  • The portfolio is expected to grow in critical mass within the next 5 years.

Why Us

  • ONE will be chiefly responsible for the growth of the Enyuka portfolio through acquisitions and developments, and together with Emira it will also undertake the asset management operations
  • The new venture has first-right opportunities for lower LSM retail coming from both ONE and Emira
  • A current pipeline of similar assets, and further development opportunities of up to R500 million
  • Emira in an Income Fund while ONE is a Capital Growth Fund

OEH International

To build a stable and actively managed property portfolio in Europe
Producing income at a yield of 6%
A debt rate of 2%
Managed and controlled from South Africa
Using South African property skills & expertise to extract maximum value
All dividends and capital profits to be distributed back to South Africa, to increase the capital value of the South African business

OEH Urban SA

This stream recently got off the ground with the purchase of a R420m shopping centre in Hatfield, Pretoria – one of South Africa's biggest and busiest CBDs.
A number of other acquisitions are in the pipeline.